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  Step 7: Develop an eco-code


                                     An eco-committee discussing their eco-code

The Eco-Code is your school’s mission statement and represents its commitment towards improving the environmental performance of the school. It is usually presented in a clear and imaginative way and displayed in a prominent place in the school.

The Eco-Code is essentially a list of objectives based on the action plan and should reflect the main actions that the school community has agreed to adopt.

The active role of the school children in choosing the right wording and the design of the Eco-Code should be central. This will ensure that the children understand the values and responsibility implicit in this document. Civic and Citizenship Education classes present an ideal setting for students to explore their responsibility in maintaining the school’s environmental values.

The presentation of the Eco-Code is completely up to the school. The statement can be composed of a series of phrases or a poem or a song. Eye catching illustrations are usually included to make the Eco-Code more appealing.

The Eco-Code will need to be updated annually as new environmental issues emerge and are addressed by the school community.

Examples of Eco-Codes