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  Introduction to the 7 Step Methodology

The 7 Step methodology is meant to structure and guide schools’ efforts as they go-about establishing an eco-schools programme. The framework is meant to be a flexible one, which any school should be able to follow.

A key thing to remember is one of the primary aims of the eco-schools programme is to encourage children and youth to take an active role in how their school can be run for the benefit of the environment. Thus, while the process should involve a wide range of stakeholders, pupils should play the central role in running the programme.

Note: Detailed descriptions of the 7 steps have been compiled into an Eco-Schools Malaysia Resource Pack that will be given to all registered schools. You can also download a pdf version of the resource pack below.

Eco-Schools Malaysia
Resource Pack (English Version, in pdf format)

Much of the description of the 7 steps have been adapted from 
the Eco-Schools International Website: