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  Progress Updates of all Approved Participating Schools

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Philippine Science High School-Central Visayas Campus
National Secondary School (Rural)
No of Students: 322
No of Teachers: 30

District: Others
Address: Talaytay, Argao, Cebu, Philippines
Contact Telephone: 063 9088883428
Fax: (063) 32-4858975
Principal: Dr. Warren D. Cordeta
Teacher: Sherry P. Ramayla and Eleazar Guia
Email: platenae@yahoo.com

Last Modified: 27 Nov, 2016

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Step 1 - The Eco-Schools Committee
The following is a general description of the committee: The committee is divided into two groups; the Core Committee and the Sub Committee(s).

The Core Committee consists of four members who joined the '3rd International Eco-School Conference' in Malaysia.

The Sub Committee(s), Documentations,Communications,and Finance, consists of students, teachers, and parents of the school who enlisted.
The following groups are represented in the committee: - Pupils
- Teachers
- School Management
- Parents
The committee members are chosen in the following ways: They volunteer themselves
Pupils in the committee are given the opportunity to nominate adult members: No
The committee holds meetings at this frequency: Once every two weeks
The following are the number of meetings that have been held so far: More than 4
A parent, school board member, or other external parties have been present for the following number of meeetings.: 3
Photo of committee members
(LEFT-RIGHT) Adviser Sherry Ramayla, Nice Marie Berdin, Kristin Elysse Banaag, Gregory William Joseph Liu, Stephanie Cabasan, Adviser Eleazar Guia
Brief notes or minutes of meeting: January.rar