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  Progress Updates of all Approved Participating Schools

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International School of Kuala Lumpur
Green Flag Award - International School (Urban)
No of Students: 1600
No of Teachers: 100

District: Wilayah Persekutuan (KL/Putrajaya)
Address: ISKL,
Jalan Kolam Air,
Ampang 68000
Contact Telephone: +60342595600
Fax: +60342579044
Principal: Paul Chmelik
Teacher: Laurence Myers
Email: lmyers@iskl.edu.my

Last Modified: 03 Sep, 2015

Step 1 - The Eco-Schools Committee
The following is a general description of the committee: The Eco-School Committee is most widely known as Green Council at the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL). This council has existed since for around a decade, before joining the Eco-Schools Malaysia Program in 2011.

The Green Council’s predecessor is the Green Team, started in 2000 as a faculty-led advisory committee. The Environmental Coordinator position was recommended and accepted by the Green Team. In the same year, the ownership of the committee was taken from the teachers and given to the students, thus changing its name to the Green Council, another form of student government.

Every year, a High School Environmental Coordinator is elected from the high school student body during student council elections. The High School Environmental Coordinator’s responsibilities include organizing and chairing Green Council meetings among the Green Council members, as well as spearhead the council’s activities.

In 2010, ISKL displayed further commitment to environmental education by creating the full-time post of Environmental Coordinator. This is believed to be one of the first such positions at any international school. The Sustainability Coordinator is helping ISKL to become a more sustainable institution by providing guidance and support for teachers integrating ESD in to the curriculum, creating opportunities for students to make a contribution outside of ISKL with the partnership of local NGOs, guiding student leadership through green initiatives and advising the Operations and Maintenance team on ways to lessen ISKL’s environmental impact. ISKL’s Environmental Coordinator (or Sustainability & Service Learning Coordinator) is also acts as Green Council’s advisor.

Currently, the Green Council designs, implements, monitors and reports environmental education initiatives at all three school levels: Elementary School (Melawati campus), Middle School (Ampang campus) and High School (Ampang campus). The Green Council has long been supported by administration staff, teachers, parents, maintenance staff and students from all three school levels, many of whom have devoted their time to Green Council meetings for their entire duration working at ISKL, or living in Kuala Lumpur.

This year (the 2012-2013 school year), we have 19 committed members made up of administrative staff representatives, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) representatives, maintenance staff representatives, high school teachers, middle school teachers, elementary school teachers and ISKL Melawati Campus supervisors.

Since joining Eco-Schools in 2011, the Green Council has planned environmental and sustainability initiatives according to the Eco-Schools 7-step methodology.

For the 2012-2013 school year, the Green Council created a sub-committee comprised of only students: the Green Council Student Committee to create a more all-inclusive opportunity for students to be involved with the school’s environmental education efforts at the management level. Currently, there are 11 high school students who hold executive positions on the student committee, although there are other non-executive student members who volunteer their time and effort towards the Green Council as well.
The following groups are represented in the committee: - Pupils
- Teachers
- School Board of Governers
- Non-teaching staff of the school
Maintenance staff, campus supervisors, finance staff
- School Management
- Parents
The committee members are chosen in the following ways: A combination of the above
All the members of the Green Council have volunteered themselves for the role except for the President, the High School Environmental Coordinator who is elected by his or her peers during a school-wide election after campaigning. The Sustainability and Service Learning Coordinator is an official full-time school staff position, who is employed by the school.
Pupils in the committee are given the opportunity to nominate adult members: Yes
The committee holds meetings at this frequency: Once every two weeks
The following are the number of meetings that have been held so far: More than 4

A parent, school board member, or other external parties have been present for the following number of meeetings.: More than 4
Photo of committee members
Sang Yoon Boon, Mr. Saha Narissaman, Marsella Kayveas, Laurence Myers, Samantha Lee, Pallavi Hosakere, Diksha Srisyala, Tunku Alysha (Not full picture of commitee members)
Brief notes or minutes of meeting: GC_Meetings.zip