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  Progress Updates of all Approved Participating Schools

(No Coordinates Available)
Sekolah Kebangsaan Damansara Jaya 2
Bronze Award - Dec 2014 National Primary School (Urban)
No of Students: 106
No of Teachers: 15

District: Petaling
Address: Japan SS22/48,Damansara Jaya
Contact Telephone: 0178877697
Fax: 0377285420
Principal: Puan Khadijah Bt Udin
Teacher: Syed Nasurudin
Email: nasurudin@gmail.com

Last Modified: 07 Oct, 2015

Step 1 - The Eco-Schools Committee
The following is a general description of the committee: The committee comprise year 6 students and the PTA chairman ,Syed Nasurudin B. Syed Abu Bakar. (edited) .They started the team from year 2012 Feb, to be precise. The first eco greening application started in 2009 with early rise programme.

Early 2012 the eco team entered a Kidzania go green eco contest and won the 1 st and 3 rd respectively. This encourage the team to be permanently established and proceed with the 7 step progress. As of today 11 August 2014 the team have worked with MBPJ, SHELL, BONUS LINK Malaysia, KIDZANIA, DR Cafe, Philips and the latest Ford Motors of Malaysia for the sake of mother earth. The eco team graduates this year after almost 3 years in their greening effort and hopefull for green acreditation for all these years for the sake of mother earth.
The following groups are represented in the committee: - Pupils
- Teachers
- Non-teaching staff of the school
school clerk
- School Management
- Parents
- Local residents
Nearby village head Kpg Kayu Ara and Rukun Tetangga
- External organisations/companies/NGOs/local council
Majlis Bandaran Petaling Jaya, Representatives from an oil company based in Malaysia and an observer from a secondary school (teacher)
- Others
staff from Philips Malaysia, Shell and Dr Cafe coffee
The committee members are chosen in the following ways: They are nominated/chosen by others
Pupils in the committee are given the opportunity to nominate adult members: No
The committee holds meetings at this frequency: Once a semester
The following are the number of meetings that have been held so far: 4
A parent, school board member, or other external parties have been present for the following number of meeetings.: 2
Photo of committee members
from left top. Hariz, Nabil, Ahmad,Yusuf,Helmi, Danish. Middle left. Aishah, Nurul, Anis, Hidayah,Vinekka, Aida.
Brief notes or minutes of meeting: Minit Mesyuarat eco school 2014.doc