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The Best of Both Worlds Conference on Environmental Education is coming back to Malaysia, with a focus on “Ensuring Effective Delivery for a Sustainable Future”. This time, FRIM teams up with Sabah Forestry Department to deliver a stimulating event with very interesting field trips.

The Conference will be held on 6 to 12 September 2015 at Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia. Information on pre and post tours as well as downloadable brochures can be obtained at http://www.frim.gov.my/wp-content/uploads/seminar/BoBW2015.pdf


If you have 3 months to spare and would like to contribute your time and energy to environmental conservation, here's your chance!

Your job is mainly 

1. Clerical or secretarial work (Scanning, filing, faxing, letters, emails, logistics and etc)

2. Desktop research for International Eco-Schools Conference 2015

3. Organizing Meetings and Workshops (logistics, food, invitations, etc)

Interested? Send your resume to jchew@wwf.org.my or call 03-74503773 ext.6320

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03-Jul-2011 Eco-Schools Workshop at SMK Lanchang
SMK Lanchang's eco-schools committee attended a 3 day workshop to introduce them to the 7-Step methodology of...
Eco-Schools Training
07-Jul-2011 Eco-Schools Promotion at Pameran Festival Pendidikan Sains 2011
The eco-schools programme was promoted to schools in Melaka at the Pameran Festival Pendidikan Sains 2011, organised...
Eco-Schools Promotion
08-Jul-2011 Visit by Einstein Middle School's (USA) eco-schools coordinator to SK Sri Kelana
SK Sri Kelana received a special guest on 8 July 2011. She was Ms. Marcia Garrett, eco-schools coordinator for...
Eco-Schools Visit
22-Jul-2011 Visit to Eco-Schools in Sabah
Between 19-21 July 2011, Ms. Rabi'ah Ghazali, Education Specialist at WWF-Malaysia responsible for the...
Eco-Schools Visit
30-Jul-2011 SMK Lanchang featured in the press as first registered eco-school in Southeast Asia
SMK Lanchang was featured in the local press recently as being the first registered eco-school in Southeast Asia.
Eco-Schools in the Press
25-Aug-2011 SK Sri Kelana featured in Star Metro
SK Sri Kelana, a registered eco-school in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, was featured in Star Metro on 24 Aug 2011.
Eco-Schools in the Press
12-Sep-2011 Students choose energy efficient light bulbs at the Perak Expo for Young Scientists 2011
The Environmental Education Formal System team of WWF-Malaysia, represented by Ms. Rabi'ah Ghazali and Ms....
Eco-Schools Promotion
15-Feb-2012 Mr Malcolm Powell visits Malaysia
Mr Malcolm Powell, the FEE-assigned mentor for Eco-Schools Programme Malaysia, visited Malaysia from 13-17 Feb 2012...
24-Feb-2012 Eco-Schools Calendar distributed to all schools
We are glad to announce that a new resource-material, the Eco-Schools Calendar, has been sent to all schools...
Eco-Schools Announcements
28-Feb-2012 SMK Dato' Onn's butterfly conservation efforts featured in the Star
SMK Dato' Onn (Butterworth) is collaborating with the Penang Butterfly Farm on the ‘Bring Back The Endangered...
Eco-Schools in the Press
06-Mar-2012 Step 7: Develop an Eco-Code page is updated with examples
Step 7: Develop an Eco-Code page is updated with examples from Eco-Schools USA and Eco-Schools England.
Eco-Schools Website Updates
09-Mar-2012 Website updated with new features - Google Search and Google Translate
You can now view the Eco-Schools Programme Malaysia microsite in more than 50 languages with the Google...
Eco-Schools Website Updates
06-Apr-2012 Join Project Earth today!
Project Earth® is a global environmental education network designed to connect schools, students and teachers...
Eco-Schools Announcements
22-May-2012 First Award Application period to open from 11-25 June 2012
The first award application period for Eco-Schools Malaysia will be open from 11-25 June 2012. All...
Eco-Schools Announcements
23-May-2012 Eco-Schools in Malaysia participate in the Greenwave campaign
The Greenwave campaign was carried out on May 22nd, in conjunction with the International Biodiversity Day....
Eco-Schools Announcements
18-Jun-2012 Apply online for your Eco-Schools award between 14-28 June 2012
With the recent launch of the online award application system, you can apply now for your award. Deadline is 28...
Eco-Schools Announcements
01-Oct-2012 We invite you to our first International Eco-Schools Conference 2012
Eco-Schools Announcements
22-Oct-2012 Award Applications for October
10-Dec-2012 Listen to a story about Green Underwear
Nukleus invents sustainable underwear
07-Jan-2013 BOH Plantations funding Nature & Biodiversity themed projects - Apply now!
Applications are now open for schools working on projects with the theme Nature & Biodiversity.
Eco-Schools Announcements

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