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Title: World Days of Action 2014-2015
Date: 13-Oct-2014
Category: Eco-Schools in the Press
Source/Author: Eco-Schools Volunteer
Description: Join *Upload Mania* for World Days of Action 2014-15 !

                                                                                                   Media Release, October 2014

Join *Upload Mania* for World Days of Action 2014-15

For this edition of World Days of Action we encourage all schools to show off and highlight their actions for a more sustainable world. No hard work needed here, just one click to upload your story, video or pictures on the Eco-Schools Projects website.


So, we invite all schools to post actions that you have carried out during the year on www.eco-schools.org/wda during the World Days of Actions, from 3 - 7 November 2014.  Students and teachers from different cities and countries can also connect through the website to inspire, learn from, and encourage one other.


Eco-Schools who have not yet signed up to participate in World Days of Action can do so at www.eco-schools.org/wda/how-to/register-for-wda/. Schools interested in finding out about the benefits of becoming an Eco-School can contact their national operator whose details can be found on Eco-Schools website:  www.eco-schools.org



But that’s not all…


To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Eco-Schools, we invite all schools to sing for a sustainable world. Every country can send in one national nominee to enter the International Music Video Competition - Generation Next. Prizes of €600, €400 and €200 will be awarded for first, second and third place.  The competition will take place during the World Days of Action in April 2015, so you have to start getting your video organised NOW.



Schools and National Operators that want more information about the competition and how to participate please contact Liesbeth Plovie, International Eco-Schools Assistant on Volunteer@feeinternational.orgor Bríd Conneely, International Eco-Schools Director onBrid@feeinternational.org



World Days of Action is an initiative of the Foundation for Environmental Education’s (FEE) Eco-Schools programme and designed to empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action-oriented learning.









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