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Title: Build an Edible Garden
Date: 07-Apr-2015
Category: Eco-Schools Announcements
Source/Author: Eco-Schools Programme Manager

Learn How to Build an Edible Garden!!!

The Project :

1. To Learn how to Build an Edible Garden at an IPG campus.
2. Eats Shoots and Roots be the ones conducting the Garden Royong Workshop.
3. The date has not been set but workshop will be done before the 21st May 2015.
4. 3 edible gardens site: 1 in Penang, 2 in Klang Valley.
The Role of the School:
1. To bring students to learn how to build the edible garden. Each bed size is roughly 4' x 6'
2. To sustain the Edible Garden with the campus community (canteen operator, admin staff, gardener, lecturers, teacher trainees) (Step 6 of the 7 Step Methodology)
3. To share the knowledge of how to grow your own food to benefit the wider community - you must conduct at least 1 workshop to help a nearby school build an edible garden (preferably a newly registered Eco-School)
The Garden Royong Workshop:
1. There will be 3 Garden Royong Workshops (1 Penang, 2 Klang Valley), all in a day:
2. To build 2 to 4 ready-to-go garden beds with edible plants (Number of beds depend on the space. Each bed size is roughly 4' x 6'

3. 5 students and 1 to 2 teachers at each workshop (two sessions of workshop on the day)

4. Run a workshop to teach participants how to grow their own food

Do respond by this Friday, 10th of April 2015. We need to feedback to the Organiser and they will do the final selection. Thank you and we wish you a good day!

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